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New Zealand: Christchurch and Akaroa

The day finally came when we were slated to leave Antarctica, but in my case hopefully not for too long…the time flew by quickly, as it always does when in places so exotic, and I was wishing that we could have stayed longer. But the summer season was over, and we were on one of the last planes out. The passenger load on our flight was indeed packed to the limit – over 260 people. A lot of them were rambunctious Kiwi “Nav Chaps” who had been hired and flown into McMurdo for the sole purpose of helping to offload the cargo ship (American Tern) that had brought in all the winter supplies (which had in turn been able to come in only because of the channel carved into the ice by the Oden). This task usually took about 10 days, but they finished it in a week’s time. During their stay, no alcohol was sold or served throughout McMurdo…I think this fact alone attests to their notorious unruliness!

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Destination: Antarctica

So we are supposedly going to be on the plane to Antarctica tomorrow!

Getting up at 5:45 am, going to gear up, dress into ECW gear, and wait for the plane a few hours (supposedly this is how the process works – everything takes too long), then pack in, shoulder-to-shoulder and knee-to-knee with 75 other people. Fly anywhere from 5-8 hours, and hopefully the plane won’t have to boomerang back to NZ because of bad weather at McMurdo.

Once we land, its a pain in the butt to arrange housing, food, and all that fun stuff. Then I will have to wait for Monday for Happy Camper Antarctic Survival School (because no one works on Sunday!?!) and that will be 2 days. Then we can get down to business science…..!!!!!
Wish me luck on the trip down there 🙂