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Magnetic Island

Ethan had arrived in Australia the morning before, and I was so, so excited! We had lots of wonderful, planned things to do…We spent that first day exploring downtown Townsville (not much to it, especially right now with their huge renovation efforts of Flinders Street)…but Friday March 26th was the highly-anticipated Full Moon Party on Magnetic Island.

After class on Friday (the dreaded Marine Plants lab), Ethan and I quickly packed up for our weekend on Magnetic Island. I was a bit stressed, because it was the night of the Full Moon Party, and we were the last of my group of friends to leave Townsville…and getting to Maggie was going to take a while with the wonderful public transport system of Townsville. But we finally got the time tables figured out and took the bus downtown around 7, bought some snacks for the night, and walked a few kilometers to the ferry terminal. From there we waited for an hour for the ferry to arrive. Once loaded onto the ferry, it was a speedy, bumpy ride on the large catamaran transporting a full load of already-intoxicated Full Moon party-goers. It took 20 minutes to get to Maggie Island, and from there, a 20 bus ride to X Base Backpackers, who were the hosts of the party, and nicely located right on the beach. We were the last to arrive (at 10 pm) from my group of friends staying together in one dorm – Kim, Jon, Brenna, Steph, Kayla, Elissa, and Charli were already there. We managed to sneak in a bottle of Feijoa-flavored vodka (delicious!) that Ethan had bought from duty-free in Sydney, and then it was time to catch up with the rest of the drunken crowd! Later that night, after some dancing, we all watched a bit of a fire-show and then got inspired to run out onto the beach and splash around in the warm ocean while the party raged on.

full moon in the ocean

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