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Fraser Island Adventure, Part I: Road Trip to Hervey Bay

After our amazing time on Magnetic Island, Ethan and I were looking forward to the big trip – a wonderful week-long excursion of driving down the coast from Townsville to Hervey Bay, from where we would be going on our Fraser Island excursion. We previously arranged for a 3 day, 2 night camping/4wd adventure. There are many different ways to do this – most backpackers do it in large groups of 8 or more (its cheaper that way but you are stuck with people you don’t know and you might not get along or agree on places to visit), or a packaged group tour where you have a strict itenirary and in an even larger group. So we decided to do our own thing and rent a little, tiny 2 person 4wd from Aussie Trax, along with camping gear. They weren’t our first choice, but because we had waited a little late to book (during Easter break weekend), they were pretty much the only place that had vehicles left.

that coastal road from Townsville to Hervey Bay - A1/Bruce Highway - Road Triiip!

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