2010 Bird Year List

Ongoing bird list for the year 2010. This is my first official year list! Pictures to follow soon. Only new year (and life) birds are listed as the months roll on. Exceptions to this rule are special birding excursions, where all species seen are listed – these are demarcated in a bullet list. Life birds marked with **…except those for the first half of the year (through to June, when I returned to the US) because those were all life birds!

January: (NZ and Antarctica)

New Zealand gull
Little penguin
Pied shag
South polar skua
Adelie penguin
Emperor penguin

February – June (Australia)

Australian brush-turkey
Magpie goose
Black swan
Cotton pygmy-goose
Pacific black duck
Great crested grebe
Eastern reef egret
Cattle egret
Australian white ibis
Whistling kite
Black kite
Brahminy kite
White-bellied sea eagle
Wedge-tailed eagle (“Wedgie”)
Australian hobby
Nankeen kestrel
Rail or Crake – unknown, seen rushing into sugarcane field
Dusky moorhen
Rose-crowned fruit dove
Brown cuckoo-dove
Peaceful dove
Diamond dove
Crested pigeon
Bar-shouldered dove
Common bronzewing
Squatter pigeon
Red-tailed black cockatoo
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Rainbow lorikeet
Scaly-breasted lorikeet
Red-winged parrot
Pale-headed rosella
Pheasant coucal
Southern boobook
Azure kingfisher
Forest kingfisher
Blue-winged kookaburra
Laughing kookaburra
Rainbow bee-eater
Red-backed fairy wren
Gerygone ?
Helmeted friarbird
Noisy friarbird
Blue-faced honeyeater
Lewin’s honeyeater
Brown honeyeater
Yellow-bellied sunbird
Eastern yellow robin
Golden whistler
Spectacled monarch
Magpie lark
Willie wagtail
Rufous fantail
Black-faced cuckoo-shrike
White-bellied cuckoo-shrike
Olive-backed oriole
White-breasted woodswallow
Black butcherbird
Pied butcherbird
Australian magpie
Pied currawong
Australian raven
Torresian crow
Great bowerbird
Common myna
Yellow white-eye
Double-barred finch
Nutmeg mannikin (Spice finch)

July 2010 (upon return to the USA):

Snowy egret
Cattle egret
Red tailed hawk
Broad tailed hawk
Red shouldered hawk
Red bellied woodpecker
Ring-billed gull
Sandwich tern
Royal tern

Brown pelican
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Brown thrasher
Eastern bluebird
Northern mockingbird
Tufted Titmouse
American Robin
White breasted nuthatch
Brown headed nuthatch
Carolina chickadee
Blue jay
Carolina wren
Mourning Dove
Common grackle
American crow
Great crested flycatcher


Yellow-throated warbler
Prothonotary warbler
Pine warbler
Pileated woodpecker
Lesser yellowlegs
Solitary sandpiper**


Clapper rail
Tri colored heron
Great egret


Broad-winged hawk
Northern harrier


Cooper’s hawk
White-throated sparrow

at Lake Mattamuskeet:

  • kestrel
  • tundra swan
  • canada goose
  • northern harrier
  • great egret
  • eastern phoebe
  • lesser scaup
  • pied-billed grebe
  • wigeon
  • redhead
  • ring-necked duck
  • belted kingfisher
  • juvenile bald eagle – eating a coot
  • blue-winged teal
  • hooded merganser
  • common loon
  • coot


in California:

  • American wigeon
  • Heerman’s gull**
  • California gull**
  • bufflehead
  • white-crowned sparrow**
  • green-winged teal*
  • cinnamon teal**
  • clapper rail*
  • coot
  • ruddy duck*
  • acorn woodpecker**
  • dark-eyed junco
  • bushtit**
  • yellow-rumped warbler
  • California quail**
  • kestrel
  • red-tailed hawk
  • western scrub-jay**
  • spotted towhee**
  • California thrasher**
  • black-shouldered kite**
  • northern shoveler*
  • marsh wren*
  • northern pintail*
  • mallard
  • California gnatcatcher**
  • osprey
  • red-winged blackbird
  • peregrine falcon*
  • black phoebe**
  • cliff swallow
  • northern harrier
  • Townsend’s warbler**
  • hermit thrush
  • cactus wren**
  • sage sparrow**

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