Destination: Antarctica

So we are supposedly going to be on the plane to Antarctica tomorrow!

Getting up at 5:45 am, going to gear up, dress into ECW gear, and wait for the plane a few hours (supposedly this is how the process works – everything takes too long), then pack in, shoulder-to-shoulder and knee-to-knee with 75 other people. Fly anywhere from 5-8 hours, and hopefully the plane won’t have to boomerang back to NZ because of bad weather at McMurdo.

Once we land, its a pain in the butt to arrange housing, food, and all that fun stuff. Then I will have to wait for Monday for Happy Camper Antarctic Survival School (because no one works on Sunday!?!) and that will be 2 days. Then we can get down to business science…..!!!!!
Wish me luck on the trip down there 🙂


One response to “Destination: Antarctica

  1. Good luck! Waiting to hear about your adventures!

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